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Chair 99/00

The attempt to turn imagination into "reality" is based on the aspiration for creation. Images and thoughts create reality and are all the same not available. This object tries to prove, that a thought can be(come) reality, a picture can be actually transformed into a tangible and usable item.
The chair, an archetype of culture, is of undisputed importance for our notion. Despite it being superfluous in principle, it is an unrenounceable piece of furniture, which we are so familiar with.
Often, a "design-object" is thus defined through a folding mechanism. A mechanism making it more practical, beautiful, and interesting. This design uses the folding mechanism merely for the transformation of an idea, an image, inner courses so to say, into an object with mass and spatial expansion. In both states, this object is the same: a chair. Folded, the object is reduced to a plane with a thickness of 30 mm. It is put up on the wall like a picture. It is transformed into a chair in no time. In its unfolded state the mechanism clicks into place, making the chair usable.


Moritsch, 2000

1st prize, Adolf Loos State Prize for Design 2001, Category: Experimental Design, Vienna, Austria

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