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Outdoor Room

"They need an outdoor room, a literal outdoor room - a partly enclosed space, outdoors, but enough like a room so that people behave there as they do in rooms, but with the added beauties of the sun, and wind, and smells, and rustling leaves, and crickets.
This need occurs everywhere. It is hardly too much to say that every building needs an outdoor room attached to it, between it and the garden; and more, that many of the special places in a garden - sunny places, terraces, gazebos - need to be made as outdoor rooms, as well."

Alexander, Christopher/Ishikawa, Sara/Silverstein, Murray: A pattern language. towns, buildings, construction, (orig. New York, 1977), Wien, 1995

Excerpt from the research project HELLA awnings.

HELLA sun and weather protection GmbH

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